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1 people have reviewed: SCOTT Foil 40 2013

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SCOTT Foil 40 2013

Brakes: 3/5

Gears: 3/5

Stability: 3/5

Weight: 3/5

Frame: 4/5

Price/ quality: 4/5

I purchased this bike to get me into triathlon racing and leave me the option for road cycling. Good choice!
Already a slippery bike to push, it performed well as a sail in 'broad reach and close hauled ' situations. I bought some clip on aero bars to give me an extra 2 kph for the same power input. The bike was setup in tri-geometry, forward seat, low aero bars.

Not so great for hill work, and the 105 group set a bit crunchy. But no worries in a triathlon race where gear picking is at a minimum.

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