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1 people have reviewed: SPECIALIZED Diverge A1 Sport 2015

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SPECIALIZED Diverge A1 Sport 2015

Brakes: 5/5

Gears: 5/5

Stability: 5/5

Weight: 4/5

Frame: 5/5

Price/ quality: 5/5

I managed to get this bike as part of the cycle to work scheme. It was £900.
It looks amazing and handles awesomely. There are two types of this style of bike. The Diverge A1 and Diverge A1 Sport. The standard A1 is 16 speed where as the Sport is 18 speed and carbon forks, that makes it great for racing in the mountains of South Wales where I live. It has disk breaks rather than standard callipers, which makes it a tiny bit heavier than normal, but nothing to worry about, it is still a very light bike. The frame is a strange and new style, a bit curvy with a few added bends on the rear forks, which makes finding a rear fender/mudguard quite difficult. In the end I went with a Zefal Swan Mudguard. (as shown in the picture)
I think this bike is amazing for the price. The gears, the breaks, the size makes it a very good buy for a beginner to a more pro user. Also because of its very nice colour and design it turns a few heads. I wouldn't trade it, I love my bike :D

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