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Specialized Enduro Comp 2014

Brakes: 5/5

Gears: 5/5

Stability: 5/5

Weight: 4/5

Frame: 5/5

Price/ quality: 5/5

Mine is the 29er version of this bike - Been riding AM for about 4yrs now and got gradually more and more extreme as my bikes have got more and more expensive, going through on average about one complete bike (frame, furniture & drive train) every year or 9 months. Apart from my own bikes I've also ridden quite a few 'demo' bikes through a friend of a magazine. Have been on bikes that excel in one or two areas and suffer in others, generally - good climber means crap decent, a good XC'er will have an ok'ish performance climbing and be rubbish on a rough decent, a good AM rig won't be strong enough to smash the downs (discovered that the hard way - and killed my 575) and a good DH rig is too heavy to pedal uphill or push-up all day (but I do miss my V10 that thing was insane) etc etc. There always seemed to be a trade-off. Even on my SB66 super-bike that was tricked to the max, was geared more for descent so didn't climb that easily - it was/ is very capable though... but very expensive for the performance level in comparison... and that's where this bad boy kicks the door in, looks at the 66 chuckles saying "ahhh bless - kids wheels" grabs you by the scruff and tells you we're going for a ride.... and what a ride - it takes some getting used to, but when you realize it doesn't like you using the brakes (they EAT pads!) and would rather you went balls-out at something rather than trying to be reserved, she'll look after you and give you the ride of your life. It's a weapon of war - use it like one and it will love you for it!

The first truly capable: 'Do everything and ride all day' bike... and for £2600 on 3yrs 0% finance it's an absolute steal, compared with the SB66 that's about £2K ON TOP of that!... the SB95 is also rubbish and suffers a distinct lack of R&D into the geometry particularly stress-fracture regions.

I wondered whether the 29er was too big for tight techy stuff and wondered if it was going to be cumbersome in the corners... that's where Specialized's (interesting grammar) R&D has paid off by them managing to keep that rear stay short, the cock-pit actually feels shorter than the 66, and it is - the 66 being one of the longest wheel-based 26" bikes.... the 29er Enduro is just as frisky - couple that with the MASSIVE increase in speed & stability and you'll never look back!

The Comp is the alloy version, and if I could have a fresh carbon frame after every crash - great.... because you are going to come off a few times in the 'learning' phase... and you're going to come off at speed and probably get some good air-time until you hit the deck - that's gonna hurt, if there's woodwork involved - it's gonna hurt A LOT!.... I'm also 16st+ loaded up - carbon's good but I don't think it's built for that kind of bulk :-D

I'm about to be a dad for the 3rd time so could no longer afford to keep, maintain and ride my Epic S-Works Carbon Comp for XC, my Santa Cruise V10 for the DH days, my Giant Talon 2.5 for commuting and my SB66 for the All day AM sessions... I needed something to do everything and I'm so happy with it - the very fact I've had it for nearly 6 months and not touched or adjusted anything other than shock & fork air pressure is testament to just how good it rides out the box!... it even convinced me that the PF30 BB setup is better than the (now) classic Hollowtech II... and sorry Shimano fans - SRAM is the new kid on the block - Fact!.. Fox are also nursing a sore arse after Rockshox drop-kicked them into touch (bigtime!) with the forks, the 155 mm Pikes are sublime!

Stay upright & peace!

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