Terra De Remences 2014

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Terra De Remences

Route: 5/5

Weather: 5/5

Location: 5/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Organisation: 5/5

I attended this event (in Catalonia, Spain) as a support vehicle to two team riders, not as a cyclist. But I can say that I had an incredible day and met some brilliant individuals.

The event was well organised and, in addition to the event staff, it looked as though the local community had really rallied around to help - providing food at the start and finish, standing at corners to make sure everyone knew where they were going, making sure local drivers knew what was going on etc. There were also plenty of other support vehicles helping cyclists who'd fallen, or suffered some kind of equipment malfunction, including MAVIC in their well known yellow support vehicles.

The route was absolutely stunning - with beautiful hills containing plenty of climbs and descents, and also long valleys and flats, giving all riders the chance to excel in their preferred area.

Would definitely attend this event again. My advice to cyclists would be to sign up fast as, once advertised, it tends to sell out very quickly.

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Event Details

Event Type: Road Cycling

Starting Point: Sant Esteve d'en Bas Gerona - EspaƱa

 Duration: 1 day

 From: 11 MAY 2014


Route #1: 175km. / 108.74miles.
Route #2: 95.00km. / 59.03miles.

Elevation Gain:

Route #1: 2600m. / 8530.08ft.
Route #2: 1100m. / 3608.88ft.
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