The Haute Route Pyrenees 2014

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The Haute Route Pyrenees

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Haute Route Pyrenees it's the place where legends have rode, where you get the chance to feel the pain the sweat and the agony of each climb they suffered. It's no mean feat it's mammoth in its own way, for you are riding against the gladiators that dominates the sky's above, the deep blue sky's that don't hide the sun, as it's draining you dry with every pedal stroke, no matter how much you drink, it's escaping from ever pour of your body, dripping on the rode you ride on.
For the Haute Route Pyrenees is mythical and in its own right can strike you down if so wish.
For you are riding beyond your limits each day, trying to recover as much as you can for the next biggest ride yet.
You are in a place deep within yourself thinking why are you doing this high above the clouds, then you see the summit and climb it with your last breath. You stop you take a deep breath as you are slumbt over the bars, then slowly look up in awe and totally taken back, by what you see, for you see the world in a different light and it's magical place, you take food and energy gels and you see the descents below, you know your body and you know your machine, for you are as one, man and machine ready to hit the descents like a you know your ready for the Haute Route challenge...let it begin...and ride with every breath you take and feel the wind in your face and surrounding you like Angel wings as you take the corners with respect and in harmony with each contour that approaches you. For you are as one with machine and the mountains....

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Event Details

Event Type: Road Cycling

Starting Point: Barcelona Barcelona - Spain

 Duration: 6 days

 From: 01 SEP 2014


Route #1: 790km. / 490.88miles.

Elevation Gain:

Route #1: 19500m. / 63975.6ft.
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